On a mission to keep craftsmanship alive!

Founded in 2016 to help Makers grow their businesses

Makers do the making, and we do the marketing! Since we began, our goal has been to explore ways to help makers and craftsmen grow and strengthen their businesses. 

As of fall 2017 we launched a pop-shop and our new "Have something made" model to help keep craftsmanship alive by bringing projects and serious customers and projects to local makers. We focus on screening projects and customers, their needs and their budgets to remove the burden from makers. 

In this way, we are able to charge a percentage for delivering actual customers and their projects - allowing makers to focus on what they love, while we focus on marketing and finding customers. 


I'm Brittany Ryan
Strategist, Advisor & Doer (and maker on the side)

I am passionate about helping small businesses succeed. I am sparked by all solutions that disrupt the "old" with the new, and I channel my curiosity to explore creative solutions for businesses with limited resources.

I bring 10 years of experience and a track record of joining small, rapidly- growing B2B technology companies as well as small craftsmanship-based businesses to help gear communications, positioning and marketing activities toward growth.

I earned a Masters Degree in New Media and Innovations from Erasmus, University Rotterdam where my research on the use of social media among SME/MKBs in the Dutch Market was awarded by the KvK (the Dutch Chamber of Commerce)...little did I know - my research on SMEs was just the beginning....